WK Anchor System


The PFEIFER WK System consists of the PFEIFER WK or DR Anchors, the WK moulding inserts and the WK Quicklifts as lifting devices. The consistent systems are particularly suitable for lifting operations in which fast attachment is decisive.


  • Wide range of applications
  • Fast, safe attachment with the PFEIFER Quicklift
  • Continuous product monitoring
  • Shorter anchor lengths of the WK Anchors, since existing reinforcements can also be used
  • WK Anchor: short design, hence suitable for use in columns and beams (bar-shaped components with longitudinal and stirrup reinforcements)
  • WK Anchor: secure load application possible despite the shortness of the anchor
  • DR Anchor: suitable for the transport of pipes and slabs


WK Anchor: made of reinforcing steel bar B500B.
DR Anchor: made of forged steel, plain or stainless steel.
WK Quicklift: available in tempered cast steel or round steel.

Delivery lengths/load groups:

choice of 7 different sizes with load capacities of between 1.3 and 20 tonnes.