Thread System

Thread System
Proven millions of times

The Thread System was first developed by PFEIFER almost exactly 50 years ago. It was one of the first industrially produced lifting anchor systems to offer the possibility to transport precast concrete elements safely. Since then we have technically perfected it – and you can benefit from that today. Your choice of the original from PFEIFER is at the same time your guarantee of safety and quality.

Advantages of the ORIGINAL PFEIFERThread System

We already meet the requirements of the new directive today:

  • already safely used more than 45 million times
  • CE marking
  • robust PFEIFER round threads for safe application
  • colour coding for mistake-free handling
  • easily understandable instructions for installation and use
Thread System
PFEIFER Flared Lifting Loop

The PFEIFER Flared Lifting Loop is an economical and flexible lifting device. It is part of the PFEIFER Thread System and serves to lift precast concrete elements under straight pull, parallel shear pull and transverse shear pull.

  • Durability through optimised design
  • Force transmission in every direction, from straight pull to transverse shear pull
  • Robust round thread appropriate for building site use
  • Monitored and certified production
  • Innovative, notified new development, valued in many countries

EC Declaration of Conformity
according to the EC machinery directive 2006/42/EC, appendix II 1A