Lifting Anchor Systems

Lifting anchors or lifting anchor systems are normally used for lifting precast elements. These must function reliably and safely absorb all stresses that occur during transport, the lifting operations and assembly and induce them into the structural element.

The failure of lifting anchors and lifting anchor systems can endanger human lives as well as leading to economic losses. Therefore they must be manufactured with high quality, carefully selected and dimensioned for the respective application and installed in accordance with regulations by experienced technical personnel.

PFEIFER has been producing such lifting anchor systems for use in precast concrete elements for 50 years now. Safe use always was and is the utmost goal and that is why the systems are subject to continuous development and optimisation. With systems such as the Thread System, which has been proven millions of times, the BS Anchor System with load-bearing capacities up to 85 t and the WK Anchor System for particularly fast attachment.

All systems meet the stipulations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The basis for all documents and verifications is the German VDI BV/BS 6205 directive. It applies to all types of lifting anchor systems, irrespective of whether they are produced individually or in series.