Stainless steel reinforcement

RIPINOX®, DUPLEX and STAIFIX® stainless steel reinforcement solutions have been designed for use in reinforced concrete construction applications in which the reinforcement is subject to very strict requirements in terms of resistance and durability. It is used in buildings and structures that require either increased protection against external influences or complex component geometry, e.g. in corrosive environments or where there is only thin concrete coverage. STAIFIX® is the optimal solution for renovating and reinforcing masonry.


  • Suitable for critical applications in reinforced concrete constructions, e.g. for use in bridge building, concrete facing tiles, retaining walls or swimming pools
  • Straight or bent reinforcement rod available
  • No risk of rusting if there are ruptures in the concrete
  • RIPINOX®: Weldable and non-magnetic
  • STAIFIX®: High tensile strength and fatigue resistance