FIBERNOX® V-ROD is a reinforcement bar made of environmentally sustainable fibre reinforced material. The glass-fibre reinforcement distinguishes itself with rust- and alkali resistance, a high tensile strength with low weight, resistance against magnetic influence and electrical and thermal insulating qualities. FIBERNOX® V-ROD is an effective alternative to stainless steel or galvanically treated reinforcing steel. With H-BAU Technik Thermobar anchoring rods, a non-positive connection can be created between insulated double walls. An application for approval from the building authorities has been filed with the German Institute for Civil Engineering (DIBT).


  • Corrosion- and alkali-resistant
  • Results in structures exposed to unfavourable environmental conditions having a significantly longer life compared to reinforced-concrete structures
  • High tensile strength combined with a low weight
  • Conductive to magnetic fields and radio frequencies
  • Dimensionally stable and very good concrete bond