H-BAU Technik


Reliable sealing products secure joints in waterproof components and therefore guarantee unrestricted and high-quality use of underground floors, even under pressurised water conditions.

Thermal insulation

Our thermal insulation elements provide the solution to a variety of problems involving thermal bridges. The elements meet the highest requirements for heat protection.


Our formwork and shuttering products help us to fulfil the highest expectations with regards to exposed concrete surfaces. We offer various column formwork product designs as well as shuttering elements.

Sound insulation

Our impact noise insulation elements reliably detach staircases and staircase landings from ceiling and wall supports. Find out more about our product range.


We offer a wide range of reinforcement and custom-made products for reinforced concrete constructions e.g. reverse bending connectors, glass-fibre reinforcements, masonry connectors and stainless steel reinforcements.


When it comes to connecting concrete construction elements, our products provide various possibilities that contribute to both technical and economic success through a great deal of design freedom with regard to planning application.


As your specialist for building with concrete, we also provide the parts required for mounting and the accessory parts for the construction site as well as for the precast parts factory.