Steel Bearing System / Staircase Bearing System Variosonic

PFEIFER’s Bearing Systems have comprised 2 groups of products up to now: The innovative PFEIFER Steel Bearing and the height-adjustable PFEIFER VarioSonic staircase bearings. The advantages of these systems lie mainly in the fact that the bearings are pre-manufactured and installed in the precast factory in constantly good work conditions, where no problems can be caused by weather, and time-consuming work on the building site, such as sticking on neoprene supports etc., can be avoided. Moving forward the detailed planning to PFEIFER, faster building progress and the constantly high quality save not only time but also building costs.

Steel bearings
Steel bearings
  • considerably faster assembly work
  • safer bearing onto simple rectangular girders
  • direct bearing with low load eccentricity
  • No dowels are necessary for securing the position
  • no additional work is necessary on the building site
  • Application program to simplify static calculation
  • comprehensive static type testing
  • Categorisation into fire rating F 120
VarioSonic staircase bearing
VarioSonic staircase bearing
  • Staircases are now also height-adjustable under load and can therefore be used without a crane or temporary supports.
  • It is possible to reduce crane and assembly periods and therefore minimise costs.
  • Excellent sound insulation, which surpasses the usual demands significantly.
  • Type static testing according to the old and new German Industrial Standards.
  • Simple adjustment by means of hexagonal thread